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Tennis-Ticker is a technological innovation that uploads match scores to your own HTML 5 Live Score Interface and to the free Tennis-Ticker App for iPhone, iPad and Android.

With the use of mobile networks, the system is easy to set up and can be used without the availability of Wi-Fi or LAN networks onsite. Tennis-Ticker offers its services to federations, tournaments, leagues, clubs and universities.


Matches that are officiated by a chair umpire can be scored using the point-by-point system. The Tennis-Ticker smartphone provides the official with all the necessary information as we see at the Grand Slams, ATP and WTA events. Chair umpires of all levels can easily learn how to work with the scoring device.

Even if you only have umpires present on the day of the final, this device can be used by your officials covering the matches.


The game-by-game system can be used where matches are played where a chair umpire is not present. Scores are entered on a smartphone from outside of the court. This allows tracking these scores on a game-by-game or set-by-set basis across one or several venues. There is no maximum of courts that be administered at the same time on one smartphone, however we recommend to use one device for 3-4 courts.

Live Score Interfaces

Live Scores are presented in HTML 5 Interfaces that can be viewed on all kind of (mobile) devices. Our customers can brand these interfaces according to their wishes with their colors, club logo and sponsor banners. The Live Score Interfaces can be embedded conveniently into the website of the event.

Synchronisation with Tournament Software

Our customers receive access to our administration backend. Here events, player data and the order of play are administered. If the ITF Tournament Planner software is in use, the order of play can be synced with our backend. For league events we import all team nominations so that chair umpires can select players from the line-up on the PDA.

Tennis Ticker – The App

You can download the Tennis-Ticker App for iOS and Android for free. Just search for „Tennis-Ticker“ in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store or use the following links: