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At Tennis-Ticker, we see Live Scoring as a valuable source of information for players, coaches, organizers and tennis fans around the world.  We believe that Live Scores and Live Stats are a great way to promote the sport of Tennis, help players develop, and give a digital experience to anybody that cannot be on-site. Moreover, the Tennis-Ticker application suite for scoring and in-venue live score generation is a valuable tool set for tournament organizers and officials for planning and monitoring the process of the matches

We refrain from any engagement with data collectors or betting companies. Tennis-Ticker has always been clear that selling live score data to those companies bears the risk to harm our sport. Since the foundation of our company ten years ago, our mission has been to provide our services in the best interest of the sport of Tennis.

Tennis-Ticker is providing internal in-venue live score web pages that are to be used only internally for organizing purposes or as an information platform for spectators at the venue. To view these internal web pages a tournament specific authorizing PIN is required.

In times where Tennis is shattered by betting scandals, our mission is as relevant than ever: Bring innovations to the game of Tennis while ensuring the integrity of our sport.

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Upcoming Highlights: US College Events in September with Tennis-Ticker!

Summer is almost over, and with the beginning of fall a lot of high quality college tennis events are awaiting us in the United States! Tennis-Ticker is not only partner of the USTA and ITA, and therefore responsible for the live scores of many national college tennis events, moreover we have partnerships with colleges and schools from all over the country and support their regional and supraregional events with our live scores technology. Here are some upcoming highlights in September:

43rd Milwaukee Tennis Classic 2018
September 20th – September 23rd
Since 1975, the Milwaukee Tennis Classic is an annually held event to promote tennis in the Milwaukee area and quickly has become one of the largest events of its kind in the United States. Furthermore, due to its foundation in 1975, it is one of the longest running tournaments in the US and players from roughly 120 colleges and universities from all parts of the country have already participated. Thanks to its long history and prestige, the event has gained a lot of regional and supraregional publicity over the years and the Milwaukee Tennis Classis attracts up to 200 competitors from schools across the nation and audiences of 1500 to 3000 people every year.


ITA Oracle Masters in Malibu
September 20th – September 23rd
Hosted at the Malibu Racquet Club and at Pepperdine University, the fourth annual Oracle ITA Masters tournament in Malibu, California will take place from September 20 to 23. This event gives US students a chance to compete against top college players from the leading Division I programs. Both men’s and women’s singles draws feature 32 of the best college players. Moreover, there is a high quality 32-team mixed doubles competition. Top college players from Washington State University, the University of North Carolina, the University of Texas, the University of Southern California, Alabama State University, and Baylor University will fight for this prestigious title in the Malibu heat.


Battle in the Bay Classic 2018
September 21th – September 23rd
For the tenth time, The University of San Francisco tennis program hosts the annual Battle in the Bay Classic at the California Tennis Club from Friday, September 21 to Sunday, September 23. This year’s tournament is the fourth time in which both the men and women will compete at the same time. Besides the much sought-after tournament title, wildcard spots for regional challenger tournaments are on the line.

The Battle in the Bay Classic was formed by the San Francisco director of tennis Peter Bartlett, Pires de Almeida and Steve Jackson, the Director of Tennis at California Tennis Club. Founded in 2009, the tournament is an Intercollegiate Tennis Association sanctioned event that will count for NCAA Division I singles and doubles rankings. It is an opportunity for all players to improve their rankings and the invitational offers a unique experience to showcase the highest level of college tennis. All matches and events will be hosted at the California Tennis Club, the oldest existing tennis club west of the Mississippi River and the eighth oldest in the United States.

Tennis-Ticker proudly supports all the events with point-by-point live scores for every match and every court! Don’t miss the action, as some of the most talented college players will fight to improve their rankings and want to take the next step to a professional career in tennis. Follow the stars of tomorrow with Tennis-Ticker!

September 12th, 2018|

Upcoming Tournaments in August 2018!

It is summer time, sunny and dry weather are the perfect conditions for high quality tennis and a lot of high class events all over the world are lying ahead of us! Here is a preview of all the highlights that are waiting in August 2018:

We start our summer journey in Basel, Switzerland where the CorpoSana U14 Tennis Open are held between August 4 and August 11, which is part of the Tennis Europe Junior Tour. We then move to France, as August is mostly in French hands with a lot of national and international tournaments that will be played throughout the summer. The Borotra Cup in Le Touquet between August 6 and 8 will be the starting point. Directly afterwards, from August 9 to August 12, the Tennis Europe Nation Tennis Challenges will be held for Girls (Ajaccio) and Boys (Biot), where the best nations in the age category 12&U on the Tennis Europe Tour will fight for the championship. However, not only the French scence is on the courts this month, as in the UK two major tournaments will be played. Between August 17 and August 24, the Nike Junior National Tennis Championships 2018 will take place in Nottingham. The most promising talents in the age groups 14U, 16&U and 18&U are competing for the British national title in the Nottingham Tennis Centre, which will guarantee high quality play in all draws. But also the younger generation will  fight for the UK national title at the UK National Junior Championships 12&Under in Bournemouth between August 17 and August 24. While Europe is currently suffering under the enourmous summer heat, it is winter time in Down Under! Therefore, Australia’s national tennis federation Tennis Australia will host the annual Australian Winter International 2018 from August 22 to August 26. This ITF Grade 3 tournament will feature domestic and also international top tennis talents, as they want to earn important ITF Junior World Ranking points. But also in the northern hemisphere high quality ITF Junior Tour tennis will be played, as the ITF High Coast Sweden Junior Open 2018 will be held from August 23 to 25 in Kramfors, Sweden. We then move back to France, when in Dijon the Lac Kir ITF Juniors will take place between August 25 and September 1. Moreover, the French nationals season continues between August 20 and August 25, with the national Championnats de France 17/18 ans, where the best and most promising talents of France will fight for the national title in Le Mans! To conclude the month of August, the best adult individuals in France will play in the 2ème série Championnats de France (27.08.-01.09.) in Blois, the 3ème série Championnats de France (20.08-25.08.) in Mulhouse and the 4ème série Championnats de France (22.08-26.08.) in Blois for the national seniors titles!

As you can see, August’s schedule is packed with a lot of exciting events all over the world and the team of Tennis-Ticker is very proud to support all mentioned tournaments with our point-by-point live scoring services. Just click on the respective tournament names in the article to follow the latest results and live scores!

August 6th, 2018|

Allianz Kundler German Juniors 2018 have started!

The german tennis junior elite but also young talents and prospects from other nations under the age of 18 have gathered in Berlin to compete in the Allianz Kundler German Juniors supported by OPTIMAL SYSTEMS between June 17 and June 24. Being one of biggest ITF junior events in Germany, it is especially a highlight for all german players to compete and fight for the International German Junior Championship in the legendary Steffi-Graf Stadium on the site of LTTC Rot-Weiss Berlin. As the young players want to make a name for themselves on the junior tour and still dream of a professional carrer, they are given the opportunity to join the tournament’s list of former champions and thereby can be compared to tennis legends, such as Ivan Lendl (1977), Boris Becker (1982), Rainer Schüttler (1993) or Gael Monfils (2002), who won the tournament in the past.

Tennis-Ticker proudly supports the Allianz Kundler German Juniors supported by OPTIMAL SYSTEMS with a point-by-point live scoring system.

Follow all live scores by clicking the button below and via our App for Apple and Android!

Allianz Kundler German Juniors 2018
Juni 17th, 2018|

French National Championships 2018 are underway!

During this time of the year, the Fédération Française de Tennis is hosting the national championships in all ages groups and in different locations all over France. Currently, the Super Seniors in the age categories 65, 70 and 75+ are playing their Championships in Le Touquet between June 16 and June 29 to find a new Senior national champion. At the same time in Rueil Malmaison, the Juniors are playing until June 23 to find a new national champion in the age group U14!

Those two events are only the starting point for a series of national championship events hosted by Fédération Française de Tennis! Only a week later, from June 20 until June 24, the women and men in the age categories 45+ and 50+ will play in Honfleur to find their new national champions. In August, we then move to Dijon for the Junior Championship tournaments in the age groups 15/16 to look out for the new talents and prospects in the French tennis scene between August 14 and August 19.  Finally, the national championship season will be rounded off, between August 20 and August 25, by the Championats de France for players under the age of 18 in Le Mans, where the best and most promising talents of France will fight for the national title and thereby want to take a huge step towards a professional career!

The team of Tennis-Ticker is very proud to support the Fédération Française de Tennis with our point-by-point live scoring devices for these French national championships!

All live scores for the given events can be followed via the buttons to the respective Live Score Interfaces and our App for Apple and Android!

Championnats de France Senior 2018
Championnats de France 13 & 14 ans
Championnats de France 45+& 50+ans
Championnats de France 15 & 16 ans
Championnats de France 17 & 18 ans
Juni 17th, 2018|

Trofeo Bonfiglio 2018 about to start!

19th to 27th of May

The last deciders in the qualifying are currenty played out, so the Main Draws of the Trofeo Bonfiglio 2018 in Milan can start accordingly tomorrow in its 59th edition! Between May 19 and May 27, talented players from across the globe compete in this ITF Grade A event for the prestigious trophy and the much sought-after ITF Junior World Ranking points! As the tournament is one of only five ITF Grade A events during the year, the young players fight for the championship but also for a large amount of important ITF Junior World Ranking points, since these events carry the greatest ranking points on the Junior Circuit, beside the four Junior Grand Slams. 250 points each will be collected by the singles tournament winners. Doubles winners can earn up to 180 points per player. Therefore, a lot is on the line, when the young prospects are given the chance to win a trophy, but also can really push forward in the ITF Junior World Rankings or even fortify their high rankings until the end of the season. This event has a long history and is considered to be one of the biggest junior tour tournaments in the world. It has long been a magnet for the best junior players, since tennis stars such as Ivan Lendl (1978) or Goran Ivanisevic (1988) are listed as former tournament champions. But also current Top 50 players, like Simona Halep (2008), Sloane Stephens (2009) or Alexander Zverev (2013), have already won the longest running Grade A tournament in ITF history!

Main Draw starts on Monday, May 21 and are scheduled to finish on Saturday, May 26 with the doubles finals and Sunday, May 27 with both singles finals.

Tennis-Ticker proudly supports the tournament with our point-by-point live scores system! Follow the qualification play and all the main draw matches and look out for the stars of tomorrow via our App for Apple and Android or by clicking the Button below.

Live Scores Trofeo Bonfiglio 2018
Mai 20th, 2018|

USTA National Campus and Tennis-Ticker – a successful cooperation!

In March 2017 the USTA announced a 3-year relationship with Tennis-Ticker for the new USTA National Campus in Orlando. With 100 tennis courts spread across 64 magnificent acres, the USTA National Campus offers unparalleled playing, training and educational experiences. It is the biggest tennis complex in the world!

Tennis-Ticker was chosen by the USTA to provide live scoring services for around 80 events per year. These involve Collegiate, Junior’s, Senior’s and USTA tournaments.

Striving to become the most innovative tennis centre in the world, the Campus management wanted to have a completely new live score experience for fans and spectators.

USTA Campus General Manager Tim Cass asked Tennis-Ticker to develop a truly innovative concept of an integrated service of Live Scoring, Live Streaming and on-court LED Scoreboards. This was achieved in close collaboration with Tennis-Ticker’s partners Playsight and Scortenn. While Playsight was chosen as a live stream provider, Scortenn delivered 80 on-court LED scoreboards. This newly developed system allows to integrate the Tennis-Ticker Live Scores on the Playsight Video Stream and simultaneously to synchronize the Scortenn scoreboards without any delays. Now, all components can be controlled by a single chair umpire, who just has to type in the scores into a Tennis-Ticker PDA. As a result, this live score service not only provides the fans and spectators with the real time scores, but the supported courts also deliver real time statistics for every match and player.

Tim Cass said: “We are thrilled with our relationship with Tennis-Ticker and the live scoring applications. With over 100 National Campus events and 300 plus college matches, live scoring is critical to us delivering memorable experiences to all who visit the USTA National Campus.”

Andreas Reiffer from Tennis-Ticker said: “Tennis-Ticker is very proud to be chosen by the USTA to provide their prestigious Campus in Orlando with our live score services. It is great to see that all levels of the game can benefit from our system, as it helps the USTA to manage their events in an even more efficient way. Through this great partnership we are able to bring one of the most innovative live scoring solutions to the world of tennis.”

Mai 13th, 2018|